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"Anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide for many men and women is suppressed feminine power screaming to be unleashed, and I am here to change that! There’s a common misconception that feminine power = women only… false! Feminine power is an infinite energy that exists in us all, one that’s been demonized, misused, and abused for centuries. A power suppressed in the darkness of the mind and energetic bodies of those with spiritual abilities, who are being called to lead, revolutionize, and innovate a new age. A divine energy ready to be activated and integrated for supreme personal development, world health, and leadership."

Timmésha was born with a veil—a phenomenon in which babies were both feared and revered, known for having psychic powers, seen as future Dalai Lamas, being mystics, and believed to be reincarnated monarchs and witches. However; other cultures consider this rare birth sighting to be the sign of a child who would rise to become a vampire after death, or transform into a werewolf. Well, she does love to howl and dance naked under full moons; so you never know! However, if you are on this unorthodox journey in this new-age; you’d know better and you’d do your own research as to why certain powers were taught to be feared and suppressed as opposed to exercised wisely.

Like many, she suffered extreme levels of depression and anxiety in her childhood and adult life; and both seemed to increase as she aged. Until she realized the truth behind what they really are, and why they showed up for her. Truths that have been vilified, demonized, and hidden away in secret scrolls.… until now! Timmesha was intuitively led to go on an internal- spiritual journey after sinking in the deep darkness of anxiety and depression herself. A journey she says, only a few survive, and she is one of the few.

She earned her Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from Lagrange College in 2007, then relocated to Phoenix, AZ, where she later earned her Masters of Science in General Psychology from Grand Canyon University in 2014. After hitting rock bottom after rock bottom moments and struggling to find her own way through life’s challenges, she thought to herself several times, “Why am I alive, why was I even born?” In asking these types of questions you get the usual response of “you’re depressed”! She became tired of what statistics claimed anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts to be; so, she dedicated her life's work to unlocking their hidden messages. Which in-turn orchestrated her odyssey to redefining mental disorders. Only to discover that what she thought was pain for herself and many others; were actually the byproducts of suppressed talents, skills, abilities, and individual superpowers screaming to be unleashed.

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