Activate (The book)

If you are new to the idea of journeying through the “darkness” (i.e. the dark night of the soul, and hidden-shadow self) of your mind, emotions, and body; then this book will serve as your roadmap. Designed to equip you with the emotional intelligence you are going to need to activate your suppressed superpower, and truly regain your mental health. You will no longer be inhibited by what you think is a “diagnosis”; instead, you will without a doubt be thankful, driven, and aroused by the alternate truth of what anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts are for your particular life’s purpose. These truths will provoke many to say that you are a devil worshiper, are crazy as hell, have lost your mind, that you talk to demons, and are the Illuminati—and they will be correct! Correct only in the fact that you are a devil worshiper because you have chosen to liberate your suppressed savage, crazy as hell because through the fire is exactly where you journeyed to get all of your power back, lost your mind because you have chosen to gain a new mind, talk to demons because you now realize that not only do you have friends in the light, but that you also have allies in the dark shadows; and are the Illuminati because you have now been illuminated to truths that were once hidden from you. Congratulations! Because just by picking this book up, you are being activated to “re”member (i.e. put back together again and into order) all parts of yourself for your mental and emotional well-being. If you know a bit about farming or gardening then consider this— the farmer only positions a scarecrow in the places that contain the most VALUE. Meaning, that when there is something(s) of great wealth in that spot there will always be things put in place to scare away others; keep this in mind as you navigate this written work. Let us approach the places where the scarecrows reside, and together plunge our shovels into the ground of our internal worlds. If you choose to read this book, then it is proof that you are ready to reclaim your treasures hidden underneath all of which you have been taught to fear. Let’s start digging…

Fear of feminine power is a mental disorder

In my quest to serve women and girls globally effected by #mentalhealth disorders, early childhood marriage, and female genitalia mutilation (FGM). I began to ask the questions of, 1) Is fear of feminine power an “undiagnosed” mental disorder? 2) Should we be solely focused on treating those effected by the act, or should we redirect our focus to also develop treatment plans for those enforcing FGM/cutting practices? Read my newly published article to find out. ***Warning, this article is not for the faint of heart***


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