Flora & Fauna Speaks

Written by: Timmésha Burgess, Award-Winning Journalist, New Age Thought Leader, & Goodwill Humanitarian. Georgia-USA

The Ghana Garden and Flower Show is a movement for not only health, but wealth! One that sheds light on the treasures hidden beneath and within Ghanaian soil just waiting to be discovered, unleashed, and activated for growth.

In order to understand how-to harness all that lies beneath the ground of one of the wealthiest nations in West Africa, we must first develop a personal relationship with what many know as the flora and fauna of life. To do this, I’ve asked Flora and Fauna (the essence of all plant and animal life on earth) to speak for themselves in this written piece. Allow the following message to help you bridge the gap between how we cultivate the relationship we have with planting and harvesting, and the relationships we develop within ourselves and one another.

Flora and Fauna says, “You know how it feels to be neglected or ignored in an intimate relationship, marriage, or friendship? Well, imagine how our planet must feel! Mama earth in all her glory of producing colors, flowers, bees, trees, oceans, animals, streams, and life-saving nectar just for us; and no one’s paying attention to her nor all that she brings to the table! She responds just like any woman needing love who feels she’s been taken for granted— when she requires attention she dwindles, when she commands attention she rages, and when she’s denied attention… either you leave or she will”.

Now, I don’t know about you… but I sure want her to stay!

So a quick confession, I actually wrote and published the above message for earth day this year April 2021. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t share this insanely powerful insight and perspective with those of you reading this now, why? Because the time has come for every woman, man, and child to forge an intimate connection within ourselves by way of our beloved planet. Because if we don’t, our world and every last one of us living upon it will continue to be on the blunt end of global warming, natural disasters, food scarcity, poverty, mental disorder and illness. We will lose the world in which we have all benefited from, due to our neglect of her and all that she has it offer— and as the late great Johnnie Taylor sings, “it’s cheaper to keep her”.

The work however; is to nurture her not just take from her— because as we all know by now, the earth must receive in order to give. Meaning, that when we learn the magic of planting seeds within her rich, dark soil (seeds being our life-long investment of time, love, nourishment, efforts, and attention), and getting our hands dirty through the process of cultivation, then according to the natural laws of our universe we must reap the blessings of harvest. I like to think about it in the sense of when a man and woman come together to procreate life— a seed planted in the womb of a woman is synonymous with a seed being planted within the womb of earth’s soil. The way in which we would care for and nurture our own children, is indicative of the way in which we all must learn to procreate offspring with earth itself, and voila!

I find it ironic that we as humans have been fighting for resources and wealth for ourselves and our loved ones for so long, that we’ve lost sight of what’s been right in front of our faces, underneath our feet, and within our own power since the dawn of time. Here we are fighting for access to high vibrational foods, sustainable living, clean water, and optimal health; when all the while our earth has been standing with her arms wide open saying, “Here I am with all you could ever want or need if you work with me.. Come back to me”.

Now my question to you is, are you tired of fighting for the wealth and health that, according to nature— belongs to us already? If you are reading this article and attending this years Ghana Garden and Flower Show then your answer is yes, and you are not alone! May we do the work to plant the seeds of abundance within our inner and outer worlds together, and may we and our future generations forever enjoy the fruits of all our labors.

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