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Unorthodox philosophies that explore anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts as symptoms of suppressed superpower

Written by:

Timmésha Burgess

I hold a Bachelor’s in Sociology and a Masters in Psychology, but none of my degrees prepared me for life’s lessons on what mental disorders truly are contrary to everything any of us were ever taught. In order to bridge the gap between mental health disorders and suppressed superpowers; I dared to explore the correlation of witch hunts, religious doctrine, the rejection of the acceptance of demons as the norm, cultural values, and the rejection of the process of alchemy (i.e led to gold = pain to power) as the basis for which mental disorders began. I attribute the ancient wisdom and knowledge shared in Activate to my own personal journey through my dark night of the soul, sacred teachings and methodologies, ancestral guidance, and from the works and research of American Physician and Psychoanalyst Dr. Carl Jung. I was guided to include a warning label at the beginning of this book that read ***not for the faint of heart***, why? Because it is a written work that shares unorthodox philosophies, and new-age perspectives on mental disorders being the side-effects or byproducts of hidden spiritual gifts and abilities. If anyone is new to the idea of journeying through the “darkness” (i.e. taboo, and hidden-shadow self) of what is called “mental disorders” to gain mental health; then this book will serve as a road map towards achieving overall well-being— designed to equip readers with the emotional intelligence needed to turn their pain and fears into power. Readers will no longer be inhibited by what they think is a “diagnosis”; instead, they will without a doubt be driven and aroused by the idea that anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation are the symptoms of a superpower they have yet to rediscover. Once this is achieved, readers will be thankful so-called  “mental disorders” showed up at all. Some may question how this book presents a solid basis for validity that the concepts shared here warrant truth and effectiveness; The results will be evident in the number of women, and men that read, share, and reference this book as life-saving, and their personal “holy grail”. 

Disclaimer: This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counseling advice. If suffering from an otherwise physical or mental illness, please seek clinical advice and support.


We wonder why many may not respond to traditional approaches, or why women, men, and families spend thousands of dollars and spend years in therapy…it’s because therapeutic support has been one-sided. Mental health approaches fail only due to the rules written by “whomever” that suggest that this is right and that is wrong…wrong only because “we can’t explain what’s unseen”. News Flash, everything that is now seen once began in the unseen, right? It’s time we explore the depths of what’s hidden in the darkness of the unknown— unknown only in the fact that few have dared to journey into the darkness of disorder in the attempt to “color within the lines” of perspectives and philosophy. However, I am one that dared to take deep dives into my own mental and emotional darkness to uncover once hidden truths for myself; and based on what I discovered, I am now being called to write the book on what was previously unknown to now make it known! Honestly speaking, I’d rather fulfill my purpose in sharing these dark truths about what mental disorders are for many; rather than to reincarnate here again trying to accomplish the same damn purpose over and over and over again.

Are you aware that we are responsible for what we learn, know and share with the world once we come into certain knowledge?

Millions of women, men, and children suffer from what is called “mental health disorders” everyday; and the numbers are steadily climbing. According to, “estimates through January 2021 were similar to those in December 2020. During August 19–31, 2020, through January 20–February 1, 2021, symptoms of anxiety or a depressive disorder increased significantly from 36.4% to 41.5%.” Traditional approaches and views of mental disorders over time have only dared to slap labels and medications on those suffering, as opposed to taking deep dives into concepts hidden in the “top secret” or “never to be said” files of clinical approaches. Unfortunately, licensed practices aren’t allowed to travel deeply into taboo philosophies that relate to the onset of disorders; and this has been to the detriment of human evolution. It is time out for quoting stats and repeating the same-old ideas as to what we already know contributes to mental health disorders; and start facing what’s swept under the rug of disorder.


There are many that are ready to turn their pain into power, and know that they can only do so by unconventional concepts. This written work matters to those who do not respond to traditional ideologies about their mental health, the underdogs, and the Phoenix’s Rising, and those who question traditional perspectives about the human experience and life purpose. Activate is meant for those who are tired of the same ole’ ideas around self-help principles, but are on the search for answers previously considered forbidden and blasphemous. This is for those who are naturally born to intuitively feel on deeper levels, that there is more than meets the eye of human consciousness and unconsciousness; relating to the foundation in which all disorder breeds.

  • Women, men, and girls (ages 13 and older), who have not or may not respond to traditional approaches to anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation.
  • The “so-called” underdogs; often misunderstood, rejected and overlooked.
  • Those mocked, slandered, heartbroken, betrayed, gossiped about, silenced, and shunned.
  • Those that were born naturally empathic, intuitive, spiritually gifted, clairvoyant, psychic, clairaudient, clairsentient, etc.
  • Those who have ever questioned the existence of hell, demons, witches, and the devil; and seek alternative truths about these concepts as it relates to mental health and emotional intelligence.


Activate is a one of a kind written work that dares to draw parallels between mental disorders, and what the world has been taught about demons, witches, devils, and the shadow realms of consciousness and subconscious. Who would have imagined that there would one day be a book that says, “In order to gain mental health, we must forge a working relationship with our inner demons, witches, and devils”.

The above statement raises the eyebrows and makes the hair of those “otherwise” informed, stand up all over their bodies, why? Because we have been taught to fear that which we should have always embraced. This essentially has been to our own detriment, thus teaching us to fear ourselves via the constraints placed on our psychological concepts of all things for centuries— And we wonder why mental disorders showed up? Activate explores personal, literary, spiritual, psychological, and biological approaches. I was only able to reflect on the effects of witch hunts, medieval mystics, witches, abortions, demons, spell work, and devils on the psyche because I was channelled through. I was able to be possessed in a sense in order to truly express ancient wisdom and insights that have been buried and hidden from the masses for far too long. Although this book distinctly references the feminine IT IS NOT simply about women, but about a demonized feminine energy that exists in both women, men, and children. Activate is intended to expand the way in which we perceive not only who but what we truly are outside of everything we have ever been taught to believe.


This book will reveal hidden truths and provide deep insight that what we believe to be mental disorders, are truly the symptoms of something much more powerful. Pain points also include but not limited to:

  • Insomnia
  • Going crazy, or losing one’s mind
  • Unexplainable dreams and visions of hell, dying, and death (suicidal ideation)
  • Isolation
  • Sexual abuse & exploitation
  • Sensuality & Sexuality
  • Talking to crossed over loved ones
  • Depression
  • Facing demons
  • Going through hell
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling Powerless
  • Restlessness and Irritability
  • Panic Attacks (What they truly are for those suppressing natural power?)


  • Methods, practices, and philosophies that help readers identify and unleash the root causes of their mental disorder.
  • Methods and practices that guide on turning anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts into power.
  • New-age definitions that redefine mental disorders for those who suppress their born-with-it gifts, talents, skills, and empathic, clairvoyant, psychic, and clairaudient abilities.

If you are new to the idea of journeying through the “darkness” (i.e. the dark night of the soul, and hidden-shadow self) of your mind, emotions, and body; then this book will serve as your roadmap. Designed to equip you with the emotional intelligence you are going to need to activate your suppressed superpower, and truly regain your mental health. You will no longer be inhibited by what you think is a “diagnosis”; instead, you will without a doubt be thankful, driven, and aroused by the alternate truth of what anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts are for your particular life’s purpose. These truths will provoke many to say that you are a devil worshiper, are crazy as hell, have lost your mind, that you talk to demons, and are the Illuminati—and they will be correct! Correct only in the fact that you are a devil worshiper because you have chosen to liberate your suppressed savage, crazy as hell because through the fire is exactly where you journeyed to get all of your power back, lost your mind because you have chosen to gain a new mind, talk to demons because you now realize that not only do you have friends in the light, but that you also have allies in the dark shadows; and are the Illuminati because you have now been illuminated to truths that were once hidden from you. Congratulations! Because just by picking this book up, you are being activated to “re”member (i.e. put back together again and into order) all parts of yourself for your mental and emotional well-being. If you know a bit about farming or gardening then consider this— the farmer only positions a scarecrow in the places that contain the most VALUE. Meaning, that when there is something(s) of  great wealth in that spot there will always be things put in place to scare away others; keep this in mind as you navigate this written work. Let us approach the places where the scarecrows reside, and together plunge our shovels into the ground of our internal worlds. If you choose to read this book, then it is proof that you are ready to reclaim your treasures hidden underneath all of which you have been taught to fear. Let’s start digging…

Disclaimer: This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counseling advice. If you suffer from otherwise physical or mental illness, please also seek clinical advice. All rights reserved. No part of work and written work shared may be produced by any mechanical, photographic, or electronic process, or in the form of a phonographic recording; nor may it be stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, or otherwise be copied for public or private use--- or other than for “fair use” as brief quotations embodied in articles and reviews--- without prior written permission of the creator Timmesha Burgess. The intent of the creator is only to offer information of a general nature to help the  quest for effective, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In the event information does not render satisfactory results, Timmesha Burgess nor Activate, does not assume any responsibility for any adverse side effects for individual choice, actions, or lack thereof from the contents of this written work.

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